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Are you planning to rent a golf car? Jon's Golf Cars renders you with convenient car rental solutions. We have limited number of high quality golf cars like Club Car, Precedent, Club Car Limo etc. at flexible rates. If you are not sure about which golf cart suits your needs, talk to our certified club car technicians who'll help you find the right one.

Club Car

Well known for its comfort and class, it is mostly driven by golfers of all age groups.

Below are some of the features:

  • 4-cycle gas golf car
  • Water run-off away from passenger compartment
  • Inside-car arm position available
  • Easy in and out access


If you are looking for comfort along with easy access to mechanical and electrical components, then Precedent is the right car for you.
Some of its great features include:
  • Comfortable seats
  • Exquisite exterior looks
  • Strong and responsive 
  • Easy maintenance 

Club Car Limo

Club Car Limo is designed to perfection with great performance. It is the choice of professional golfers who believe in class and quality. It can carry 3-4 passengers as the name suggests.
Some of its features are listed below:
  • Improved efficiency of PowerDrive Plus to prevent overheating of batteries
  • Long battery life with less charging cost
  • Designed for power and efficiency 
  • Low maintenance cost

DS Player

Designed to meet the needs of a large fleet, it is well known for its top-class performance and durability. 
Some of its features are:
  • Gasoline engine
  • Tranquility engine provides comfort and superior performance
  • IQ system to monitor performance of electric-powered cart
  • Maximum durability

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We deal in popular brands like Club Car, Precedent, and Club Car Limo. Providing you top-quality golf cart parts, service, and rentals.

Club Car Connecting Rod DS & Precedent w/ (FE290 Engines) (#101647501)

Club Car Connecting Rod DS & Precedent w/ (FE290 Engines) (#101647501)

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Club Car Precedent Charger Receptacle (04 - 07)(#1025101)

Club Car Precedent Charger Receptacle (04 – 07)(#1025101)

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