Golf Cars


picture of a Club CarOne of the most widely recognized golf cars in the industry, the DS Gas provides maneuverability, comfort and class as golfers young and old, skilled and unskilled men and women take on 18. This is the 4 cycle gas golf car that led the industry in innovations and created a legend. Years of refinement and the “Classic” Club Car body make this a great choice for most individuals.
The Club Car’s canopy design promotes water run-off away from the passenger compartment. A more ergonomically designed canopy hand-hold is inset to promote an inside-the-car arm position, provide greater comfort and allow easy in/easy out access.


picture of a PrecedentWe spent two years talking with customers about their golf cars. What they loved. What drove them crazy. From improved exterior durability to tighter steering, more comfortable seats to easier access to mechanical and electrical components, head professionals, owners, managers and superintendents at golf courses across the country told us what it would take to create their dream car. Then we spent two more years building it. Why? Drive Precedent once and you’ll know.
When we first launched Precedent, it drove straight to the top of the leader board. Iw was innovative. it was revolutionary. But like a major champion heading back to the range, we didn’t let up. We decided to make it even better. So we continued to work, finesse, refine and improve. Making it stronger and more responsive. More comfortable to drive and easier to maintain. To push further away from the competition and closer to perfection. The result? the Precedent Professional and Precedent Champion.


picture of a limo carWe believe quality leadership begins with commitment. Not just in words and slogans but in processes that guarantee quality. The Club Car Limo is designed to deliver the best performance for the job. The quiet efficiency of the PowerDrive Plus coupled with the Energy Displacement Module prevents overcharging and overheating of the batteries providing longer battery life and a more efficient, less costly charge.
Performance equals value over time. The Club Car Limo demonstrates this with a complete, carefully engineered vehicle that combines power and efficiency with an environmentally friendly package. The PowerDrive Plus Onboard Computer achieves this by collecting and storing valuable information on the vehicle’s performance, which can then be retrieved by the Communication Display Module to help lower maintenance costs and maximize fleet usage.


picture of a ds playerWhether it’s to meet the demands of a large fleet, or the personal needs of a private, single operator, Club Car is determined to provide a superior solution. And the DS Player is no exception. Designed with maximum durability and superior performance in mind, the DS Player delivers a course experience that will exceed expectations, all for a price that’s well within reason.
The gasoline engine DS Player is proof that you have don’t have to be loud to make a powerful statement. The Tranquility engine ensures quiet, comfortable and confident performance round after round, providing the gasoline power you need to meet the demands of your course, without the noise.

Now there’s an intelligent way to control the quality of your course experience. With the IQ system, the performance of the electric-powered DS Player can be monitored and customized to meet the demands of your course, ensuring consistent, optimized performance from tee to green.